Our Story


The secret to your future is hidden in your daily rituals.


[ik-ee-guy] * japanese

a reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the morning.


This is, at SAPTA, what we like to call "self-love tea". Our ceremonial grade matcha is sourced from the highest quality of green tea leaves in the heart of Shizuoka, Japan with so much love. It's purpose is to create a symbolic moving meditation: a ceremony. A traditional Japanese ritual to incorporate into your daily routine.


Renae and Jonah, founders of SAPTA matcha are both yogis with a passion of health, yoga, meditation, (and matcha). Both travelers and avid seekers of wellness tips and tricks from all around the world. 



As matcha began to gain its popularity amongst many major cafés, (like starbucks), Jonah and Renae saw the beautiful and extraordinary benefits of matcha began to dim down. There was no readily available/ easy way to make matcha at home, which included all of its health benefits. Out of this necessity, Sapta Matcha was born with the mission to make quality matcha from Japan readily available for anyone daring to try a new way to begin their morning. 


"Our matcha is as high of quality as you can get", says Renae. "Taste wise, and health wise. We've tried every type of matcha under the sun, from every farm in Japan. We got to be very picky. The day I tried Sapta's quality, we knew this was the special one we needed to have the rest of the world experience with us."


Jonah and Renae then set out to design a kit that was simple, sleek, and traditional to the Japanese aesthetic. All to encapsulate "ikigai" and wabi sabi. One that would enhance the morning experience that surrounded the ceremonial grade matcha. The box lid is made from bamboo, and everything in the packaging is reusable, or recyclable. Absolutely no plastic.


Mornings are a fresh new start for everybody, every single day. A new chance to be different, to love yourself better, to grow and change. What you start your day with, what choices you make in the morning are so vital. With Sapta Matcha, this is just another healthy way to help you along in your journey. 


With love, Namasté

Renae + Jonah